Stages of production

Feed preparationв

We have our own plant for crop growing and arable land, so our cows eat a tasty, useful, full-fledged and balanced feed all year round.

Caring for cows

The quality of milk directly depends on the level of care organization! Our cows live in the rooms with the comfortable climatic conditions, they rest on the special mattresses, they drink fresh water from the automatic drinking bowls, like to take a shower and itch under special mechanical combs.

Milk intake and processing

The technology of the deep cleaning and processing of milk in the specialized machines removes microorganisms, which provoke spoilage of the product. So we ensure high quality of the finished products and their storage without the addition of preservatives.


There is an automated filling of products in a closed sterile system at the plant. Contact with the environment and personnel intervention are excluded.


The production process is controlled by the requirements of the Customs Union technical regulations as well as the quality and safety management system of the produced dairy products in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, 22000:2009 and HASP.

Packaging and marking

Every minute on 9 modern packaging lines up to 1,000 pieces of products are manufactured.

Storage and delivery

Compliance with the "cool chain" begins immediately after the process of milking the cows until the product reaches the store shelves. Specialists of the Sales Department make sure that only fresh dairy products are shipped to stores.