The main corporate value and the most important asset of the group of companies "Adal" are our employees. A friendly and united team of the company is ready for any labor feats so that you can enjoy the unsurpassed taste of the dairy products of the plant.

We are for openness and honesty in the business cooperation, respect for any point of view, maintaining the desire for professional and personal growth, the desire to develop, corporate mutual assistance and commitment to common goals and objectives.

The company uses a system of thoughtful adaptation and training of new employees, the transfer of the corporate knowledge and values. Also, as a large family, we take care of every employee, providing various types of social support.

Social policy in the company we are building, taking into account the lowering of the level of staff turnover. The average work time of an employee of our company is 5 years. This indicates a high degree of satisfaction of the members of the team both with working conditions and with the psychological climate in the company.

We invite to cooperation both experienced professionals and young professionals. We provide space and opportunities for the professional and personal implementation.

Do you want to grow and develop with us? Send your resume.

Заведуюший Лабораторией

Если Вы профессионал, ответственный, целеустремленный работник и готовы стать частью сплоченной, дружной команды, если Вам небезразлично непосредственное участие в производстве продукции нашей компании – то мы ждем  Ваш отклик на позицию заведующего лабораторией.

Наша Компания гарантирует стабильный заработок, профессиональный рост и достойную мотивацию!

Требования: опыт работы на аналогичной позиции в пищевой производственной лаборатории обязателен. Желательно наличие автотранспорта, т.к. лаборатория находится в с.Космос Енбекшиказахского района (45 км от Алматы).

Условия: шестидневная рабочая неделя, льготное питание, соц.пакет. Возможно предоставление общежития в с.Космос.

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