Dairy Factory

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The dairy factory of the "Adal Syut" LLP is equipped with the automated processing and packaging equipment, enabling someone to monitor all stages of the producing dairy products.

The process of producing dairy products begins long before the milk enters the filling line. After milking the cow and cooling the milk from the farm is brought to the factory. Only the raw materials that are approved by the laboratory are processed.

Contactlessness and the use of modern technological processes make it possible to produce better products and increase their shelf life without the addition of preservatives.

The final stage of the production is the cooling and ripening of the products in the refrigerating chamber. The products are stored in the appropriate temperature conditions, and compliance with the "cool chain" begins immediately after the process of milking the cows until the product reaches the store shelves.

Before shipment to the sales warehouse the products are tasted by a special commission, each specialist of which is personally responsible for the quality of the products.

So our products undergo strict multi-level quality and safety control in accordance with the requirements of the certificates and proper regulations. A confirmation is provided by both company's own and the third-party accredited laboratories.

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