How the ready milk gets on store shelves, where do you usually buy it? Why is it always fresh?

We do not ask for help on part of the third-party distributors! Our company has its own Sales Department, which includes specialists, equipment and a base located in the downtown of the city, equipped with the special storage facilities.

This Department's team includes professional managers, supervisors, sales representatives, merchandisers, warehousing specialists and expediter drivers. Specialists additionally taste the products finished, check the transportation conditions, the weight of the product, carry out a visual inspection of the packages and ship the products to the sales points.

The company's own fleet consists of 38 trucks equipped with refrigeration equipment. Therefore, we deliver products to the sales outlets of Almaty in the shortest possible time, and the cool chain is still not interrupted. Also, we have 5 units of the equipment with a carrying capacity of 10 tons, delivering products from the dairy factory to the warehouse base.

We are open for the mutually beneficial cooperation with the wholesale sellers of the dairy products.

Regarding possible cooperation, please contact: Phones of the Sales Dpartment: +7 ( 727) 321 84 84, 250 50 41

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