Structure of Company

What factors do you think determine the quality of the dairy products? In fact, there are many of them, but the main ones are a balanced diet of cows, observance of the specific conditions of their handling and high-technology processing of the raw materials. We do not just take into account these factors, but constantly work on improving the technological quality indicators.

Three whales on which the ADAL Group of companies stands firmly:

- Department of Agriculture:

Crop production - there are more than 5,000 irrigated hectares of land located in the Almaty region, for the preparation of feed for our cows and the cultivation of corn for export.

Livestock - there are 2 dairy and meat farms with more than 2,500 animals and milk production up to 20 tons daily.

- A dairy plant with a capacity of more than 150 tons daily produces 56 types of natural dairy products.

- Department of Sales and Distribution daily sells our fresh dairy products to the sales outlets of Almaty and the region.

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