Crop production

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The farm of the "Agro Industrial Company" "Adal" Joint-Stcok Company is located in ecologically clean area, namely at the foothills of the Zailiysky Alatau, in the village of "Kosmos", of Enbekshikazakh District, Almaty Region.

One of our main advantages is a nutritious and balanced feed grown on our own fields.

Usually within one year we harvest 2,700 tons of hay, 6,180 tons of haylage, 4,500 tons of silage, 4,000 tons of mixed fodder and 14,000 tons of alfalfa. Also we collect more than 10 000 tons of corn, wheat, barley, soy. As a result we obtain high-quality full-feed mixtures with the optimal combination of the coarse and concentrated feed and balanced protein-vitamin-mineral supplements. Cows with an appetite eat them and gladden with the healthy milk.

100 fields of agricultural machinery, i.e. tractors, combine harvesters, seeders and other forage harvesting machinery, help to cultivate the fields.

Livestock production

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We built a mega farm, one of the largest in Kazakhstan, designed for the maintenance of 3,500 head of cattle.

We do not import cows, but carry out high-level selective and stock breeding work in conjunction with the leading geneticists, using the seed of the world's best bulls. So we improve the genetic potential of our cows breed, namely Alatau (Schwitz) and black-and-white (Holstein).

The farm has all the conditions for the best maintenance of animals:

  • loose housing system for cows, their access to the fresh water and a balanced diet are good for milking,
  • fans, windbreaks and ventilation skates on the roof provide comfortable climatic conditions in cowsheds,
  • milking is a complex and important stage of the technological process on the farm. Our modern milking machines simulate two-stroke milking, close to the natural process of sucking the udder by calves, provide udder massage and prevention of mastitis. On our farm stress for animals is minimized, which increases milk yield and guarantees the quality of milk,
  • cows rest on sunbeds made of straw, soft mattresses and rubber litter. Cudsters love to shower and itch,
  • the manure is removed in an automatic mode by scraper conveyors.

Selection work, a farm equipped with modern cowsheds, high-tech milking equipment, the introduction of advanced systems with the automated herd management and the love of workers for their work are valued by our cows. Therefore they give tasty and healthy milk!

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