History of the company

The history of Adal company is as intense and bright as the taste of our milk. Score of years we have been working tirelessly to ensure that the company's products get to your table in a qualitative form and fresh.

Today we can safely say that within 20 years we have achieved outstanding results. And how did it all start?

January 1999

Foundation of the company

Foundation of the Agro and Industrial Company «Аdal»

February 2000

Launching a dairy factory

The dairy factory is put into operation. The factory's capacity for that period was 20 tons of the milk processing per day.

February 2004

Reconstruction of a dairy factory by the company «Lekkerkerker»

The Dutch company Lekkerkerker reconstructed the dairy factory. Capacity increased to 70 tons of the milk processing per day.

September 2010

Introduction of ISO standards

An integrated system of the quality and safety management of the manufactured dairy products in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, 22000:2009 and HASP was introduced . Every year our factory successfully passes the re-certification.

November 2012

“Reconstruction of the dairy farm” project

We received more than KZT1.3 billion through the "KazAgroFinance" Joint-Stock Company at 6% per annum for 11 years for the implementation of the project "Reconstruction of a dairy farm with the tied content for unattached maintenance with a milking unit."


A milking technology with the herd management program (the first phase of the project) was introduced.

Thanks to the launch of the first stage of the project "Reconstruction of a dairy farm with tied content for unattached maintenance with a milking unit" we introduced an innovative milking technology with a herd management program. This enabled to increase the volume of production of whole milk.


Modernization of the dairy factory

We carried out another modernization of the dairy factory, completed the construction and put into operation a new workshop with the modern equipment of the Italian company REDA; lines TDAA8, TFA3 of Tetra Pak; line under the name Index for bottling. The factory's capacity is already 150 tons of the milk processing per day.

January 2017

Running curd shop

A curd shop for the non-contact production of curd products and processed cheese was built and launched.

March 2017

Commissioning of the Megafarm (the second phase of the project)

The second phase of the project "Reconstruction of a dairy farm with tied content for unbonded maintenance with a milking unit" was implemented. The megafarm was put into operation with the possibility of keeping a total livestock of 2,680 animals, which will enable the company to produce more than 12,000 tons of milk per year and reach milk yield per cow of 8,600 liters by 2020.


Launch of a new production line of butter

A new automatic production line of butter was launched which made our butter even more tasty and useful.